Construction Robotics taught SAM how to lay brick

WASHINGTON, D.C. — SAM can lay bricks faster than any of the other masons on the job. He is increasing productivity on the construction of a new high school at The Lab School, and is the most unique worker on the site.

SAM, or semi-automated mason, is the world’s first commercially available robot used for on-site brick placement. Clark Construction Group began work in November 2014 on a 29,000-square-foot high school in the Palisades neighborhood, and SAM joined the crew about a week ago.

The patented robot was developed by Construction Robotics. The technology for SAM began development about eight years ago, but this is the first time “he” has worked in D.C. According to Construction Robotics, a mason working with SAM can lay up to four times the amount of brick that he/she could working alone.

According to its website, Construction Robotics is focused on advancing construction through the use of new technology and the same manufacturing principles used for decades in other industries. By leveraging new technology CR believes there can be significant improvements to the way the construction industry operates.

Image courtesy of Construction Robotics

Source: Washington Business Journal

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