Can mobile technology end food waste – VIDEO

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Roger Gordon is well known in the business world, having founded a company that successfully broke the United Kingdom’s bank-controlled ATM monopoly. Now the serial entrepreneur aims to tackle a markedly different problem with Food Cowboy, his latest venture that seeks to eliminate food waste.

Q&A with Food Cowboy co-founder Roger Gordon

Food waste is a particularly pernicious issue in the U.S., where roughly 40% of all food is wasted even though 50 million Americans don’t have access to enough food, according to government estimates. Why so much waste? While the reasons are varied, a lot of it has to do with grocery stores not accepting produce shipments that they deem less than perfect. In the following clip, Gordon explains what food waste is, why it occurs, and how mobile technology can reduce it.

Video and photo courtesy of Food Cowboy

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